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22 April 2012 @ 12:51 am
Video post  

First...Here's a video of Latte on my lap.
You can tell he's a bit freaked out from my phone because it's reverse and facing him like a mirror and yet at the same time he's licking/grooming me. I feel so honored!

I had to replace the background noise cause it was a private conversation between my mom and dad. Since this was taken by my iPhone I couldn't change it to portrait when it got transferred to my laptop and majority of the video editing software I have weren't cutting it so I had to d/l an app call Splice via iTunes. I wished I've though up that sooner instead of spending 5 hrs trying to figure it out. My brain must gone out for a drink.

2nd video:

But please check this video out that was only exclusively released for the Nintendo Video on the 3DS. I just want to get these two vids out.