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12 September 2011 @ 10:25 am
Day 21 - 25  
Day 21 - Favorite combiner team
Kind of hard to decide since the only two machine combiners I really like is between this:
Bayverse Jet Optimus


Day 22 - Favorite triple-changer
RoTF - Soundwave; the tentacles doesn't count!

Day 23 - Favorite incarnation of Optimus Prime


As much as I like Transformers: Prime Optimus Prime....his legs are too skinny. Srsly it don't match up to his upper torso. @_@;

Day 24 - Favorite subgroup
The Prime Wreckers:



the boyfriend Wheeljack

Day 25 - Favorite toy that you own
I'm waiting for the Prime toys to come out so when it does I'll